MADE NEW – Lincoln Brewster


Art and Preview provided by iTunes

(Arrangement made popular by Lincoln Brewtser)

Multi Track Bundle – $15 (Individual stems (WAV) to every Instrument / BGV in the song, which allows you to mix it and use whatever tracks you desire.)

Split Track – $10 (Download 3 WAV files: 1.) Split, L- cues, click / R-full track  2.) Split, L-cues, click / R-pad, loops, motion synths  3.) Split, L-cues, click / R-original song – This track is called “ref” and is good for your team to rehearse to.)

Rehearsal Pack – $10 (1 – (L) Click / Cues – (R) Original Song   2 – (L) Click / Cues / Original Song – (R) Instrument or BGV’s – 4 to 10 individual tracks in pack)



Art and Preview provided by iTunes

iTunes note (blk)  MADE NEW (Lincoln Brewster)

KEY – Bb       BPM – 120     TIME – 3:26    TIME SIGNATURE – 4/4


(Arrangement made popular by Lincoln Brewtser)

Writers: Cody Wedgeworth, Josiah Meeker, Lincoln Brewster

ALBUM: Oxygen

TRACKS: Click, Cues, Bass, BGV, Drums, Claps, Kick/Snare, Toms, Elgtr, Pad, Piano, Synthdly, VC-fx,

GENRES:  Fast, Male Lead, 1 song position, opener

THEMES: Declaration, life in Christ, Renewal, Salvation, Alive,

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Multi Track Bundle, Split Track, Custom Split Track, Rehearsal Pack


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