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Backing Beats Libraries –

Backing Beats are great for accompanying you instrumentally or if you are needing a rhythmic beat to just back you in a song.  It gives you the freedom to create whatever feel you desire. Backing Beats are also a great way for you to create an instrumental track that you can put under your announcements live or in your videos.  It gives you the ability to layer the tracks with many different arrangement options.

Each beat arrangement has several tonic pad tracks that you can layer as you desire,  a beat that has several seperate layer (shaker, congas, cajon, beat loop, live drum kit), acoustic tonic riff, electric guitar tonic riff.  All these parts are seperate stems that can be played in an DAW (Logic, Ableton, Garage Band) of your choice.  They are also formatted to be played in the Worship Song Band app as well.

Backing Beats (Vol.1)

Collins Library

Backing Beats


Ministry Tracks –

Ministry Tracks create a music background that is great for those intimate ministry times.  They are a great tool to use when you do not have a musician or band that can improvise.  They are in MP3 format and can be played on any iPad, Computer, Smart phone, or other devise.


Background Tracks –

Background Tracks are great for those times when you just need some good filler music that can be played underneath the moderator or Pastor.  These tracks can also be used for video‚Äôs that you may need some instrumental music for as well.  They are all designed to set a mood for you, yet not distract from what the focus or attention is.  There are many different styles, tempos, and complexity of arrangements you can choose from.  Many of these tracks have been developed out of our BACKING BEATS STEM librarys.

Background Music


Pursuit Vol.1 – Scott Hussey

A great instrumental project that is great for prayer / meditation. It is also a great music instrumental for your prayer gathering when you need some background music to just set the mood in the room.


Patch Libraries –

Worship Pads Vol.1 (Mainstage / Logic)

“Tron” Arp Synth Library (MainStage / Logic)