Pursuit vol.1 (Scott Hussey)


Pursuit Vol.1 (Scott Hussey)

This has been a long awaited project for Scott.  He has always wanted to create an instrumental project that would capture the presence of God and allow people to rest in the place of prayer, meditation, and devotional time.

You will find that this 3 hr journey of music will lead you to a place of encounter and experience with God.

Be Blessed!!


Pastor Clay Gatlin –

“I’m so thankful for this new project Scott Hussey released entitled “Pursuit – Vol 1.” I have listened to it a dozen times already and am still hearing new sounds and movements with each song. I feel like I am protected on all sides with this music and can focus much more as I research, write, pray and contemplate. This amazing work of art is the fruit of a true gift from God. Thank you Scott Hussey!”